Monday, March 24, 2014

30 People in 30 Years Part 1

In his blog post this week, Daniel Tillapaugh, Ph.D. (@dtillapaugh) wrote about the great progress that the Standing Committee on Men & Masculinities has made over the past decade. We, the Standing Committee want to take this opportunity to recognize 30 individuals who have been nominated by their peers and colleagues for making a significant impact on our experience, organization, and the student affairs community. Below are a compilation of comments made out these great advocates and educators.

#1) Jason Laker - Jason has been recognized as being a champion of the SCM & SCMM for many years.  He has served as the chair of the group in the early 2000s, and he has continued to advocate, partner, and advise the leadership team in that time.  His work and scholarship on men and masculinities in addition to gender development issues have been extremely important for our field.  His mentorship and and continued participation as a presenter for sponsored programs and advocacy at executive levels for having keynote speakers on the larger ACPA agenda has continued to advance the work of SCMM.  The SCMM would not be what it is today without the hard work and dedication of Dr. Jason Laker.

#2) Chase James Catalano - Chase was the inaugural Scholar in Residence for the SCMM a number of years ago.  In assuming this role, Chase expanded the Standing Committee's conversations about gender beyond the body.  By that I mean that Chase was able to talk about masculinity about not being something attached to one's body, but as a discourse that shaped the lives and experiences of individuals who identified as men regardless of their bodies. Chase is deeply committed to advancing social justice around issues of gender and has been a leader in our field, as well as the scholar in residence for SCMM, promoting transgender understanding.  Chase's scholarship also is critical to pushing back the boundaries of knowledge regarding gender performance on campus.

#3) Rachel Wagner - Rachel has been central to the SCMM's understanding of the various forms of masculinities and has been a key ally in the efforts to help student affairs professionals understand how to effectively engage and promote the learning of male identified students.

#4) Paul Brown - Paul is a former chair of the Standing Committee on Men and Masculinites.  While chair, Paul put in a significant amount of time working with others involved with the committee on restructuring the SCMM. Paul not only has been a tremendous advocate for understanding the issues around male identified students on college campuses, he has fostered collaborative and deeper relationships among SCMM and other ACPA committees, commissions, and The Executive Committee.  Additionally, Paul is the genius behind our yearly tradition of developing SCMM pins. Since his time as chair, Paul has been a strong supporter and advocate for the work of SCMM.

#5)  David Braverman - David was performing research regarding men's development long before it became understood, accepted, or popular.  He has been one of the leaders in our field, helping to pave the way for others to have an easier time working to focus attention on men and masculinities.

#6) Brian Reed - Brian, during his time as the Chair of the NASPA MMKC initiated the creation of the first Joint Publication between the NASPA MMKC & the SCMM.  Brian's work with the SCMM continued when he served as the second Scholar in Residence.  He continues to provide important support to the SCMM as well as forward scholarship that focuses on the convergences of class and masculinities, which is often overlooked throughout the literature.  He has been an instrumental figure in forwarding scholarship throughout the SCMM, even when he was not a member of the group (i.e., when he was the Chair of the NASPA MMKC).

We will have more posts coming to recognize more great scholars and professionals over the coming weeks as we usher in our 30th year!

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